• Agility is for all shapes and sizes
  • Learning tight Turns
  • Sending to a Crate
  • Wobble Board
  • Proper placement of Reinforcement
  • Playing and Tugging
  • Learning to Balance
  • Jumping with Collection
  • Sending through a Tunnel
  • Jumping in Extension

At Freilance Dog Sports! we understand the importance of foundation, in fact we dedicate three 6-week seesions to developing your relationship with your dog through play, teaching your dog body awareness and how using positive reinforcement will teach your dog more quickly than using punitive methods.

Building your pup's confidence and trust is key to your dog having a good time. You would be surprised how many skills you can master with just one jump! The fun you can have preparing your dog for the contact obstacles without even getting on them. The best thing of all is that you are working with your dog, learning what motivates them, how they learn, creating a bond that will take you through life and into competition if that's your goal.